Are you Tired of annoying pop-up ad windows when surfing the web? Has your browser ever crashed under the burden of dozens online commercials?

One of the worst aspects of having to deal with annoying "pop up" ads is that they slow down your computers performance. To block popup and popunder ads, there are a couple of programs that block popup and popunder ads, while leaving the regular, less intrusive ads on Web sites, which helps Web site publishers generate revenue to keep their sites open.

Recommend Shareware

Stop Zilla - $19.95
Featuring integrated cookie and history cleaning, Realtime spyware protection, Popup Killer, FREE 24/7 support via live chat, email or toll free 800 number

Feature Reviews: As pop-ups and adware programs find new ways to hijack your computer, it's become increasingly difficult to find one tool that does everything... STOPzilla is a one-stop answer to hostile ad software from Laptop Magazine - 2005

History Kill - $29.95
HistoryKill continues to lead the ever-growing pack of Internet Privacy Software titles available today. Using their own, unique, file-shredding process, HistoryKillR is the privacy software that systematically overwrites your Internet tracks before deleting your sensitive data once and for all.

Popup Remover Shareware

Popup Stopper - $9.95
Patent-pending ad blocking technology ensures ads are blocked, or closed quickly in all browsers. Complete support for Firefox, AOL, MSN, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, and more!

Popup Nuker - $39.90
Popup Nuker has been developed with you, the Internet user, in mind. We've worked diligently developing the coolest anti-pop up software on the planet!